midseason herbaceous, intersectional, and tree peonies

Bowl of Beauty Ludovica Top Brass

Japanese-form Bowl of Beauty complements the pastel layers of Top Brass and the pure pink Ludovica.

Do Tell Bo Peep Show Girl

Three Japanese-form peonies--Do Tell, Bo Peep, and Show Girl--bring varied combinations of pink and yellow to the garden.

Angel Cheeks Red Charm Duchesse de Nemours

Three bomb-form peonies--Angel Cheeks, Duchesse de Nemours, and Red Charm--explode midseason.

Karl Rosenfield Mons. Martin Cahuzac Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Karl Rosenfield petals hold their traditional peony-red color. Mons. Martin Cahuzac is one of the darkest red doubles. Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt holds its petals as if in a cup.

Pink Pom Pom Festiva Maxima Raspberry Charm

Pink Pom Pom, an upstanding Japanese-form peony, spans the season. Raspberry Charm is a bright, semi-double surprise. The familiar red flecks and sweet fragrance of Festiva Maxima are entrancing.

Edulis Superba Gay Paree Glowing Candles

Sweet fragrance and layered petals make Edulis Superba a popular old-fashioned peony. Gay Paree contrasts magenta guard petals and cream-colored center. Glowing Candles contrasts buff and rich yellow.

Nippon Beauty Felix Crousse Hit Parade

Abundant, peony-red petals of Felix Crousse have made it famous. Japanese-form Hit Parade combines hot pink and gold, while the deep red petals of Nippon Beauty contrast its golden center.

Madame de Verneville Krinkled White

Diminutive Madame de Verneville brings fragrance and red-flecked petals to the midseason garden, and the white-crepe petals of Krinkled White stay fresh and crisp through the midseason.

Sea Shell Julia Rose Border Charm

Single-form Sea Shell is one of the best pinks. Julia Rose and Border Charm, two intersectional hyrids, are dramatically formed and dramatically colored.

Bartzella Zephyrus Gold Sovereign

Bartzella's yellow blossoms have made it famous among intersectionals. Lemon-yellow tree peony Gold Sovereign brightens a corner of the garden. Ruffled tree peony Zephyrus adds whimsy.

Madame Butterfly Cora Stubbs Pastel Splendor

Madame Butterfly's spiked petals add texture, while intersectional Pastel Splendor earns its name. The creamy center of Cora Stubbs contrasts its guard petals, exuding pleasant fragrance.

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