peonies for 2017

herbaceous peonies

Athena: Ivory petals, rose flares. Cup-shaped blooms, pale-gold centers. Short. Early.
Barrington Belle: Rosy petals, reddish staminodes. Tall, midseason Japanese/anemone.
Bo Peep: Cerise petals flushed to near white at centers. Tall, late Japanese/anemone.
Buckeye Belle: Midseason semidouble. Dark red with blackish tones. Medium.
Coral Charm: Coral petals fading to soft peach. Semidouble. Medium. Early.
Coral Fay: Rose-red semidouble, coral overtones. Early. Short.
Doris Cooper: Fragrant pink double. Late. Medium.
Do Tell: Soft, orchid-pink outer petals. Rosy centers. Medium Japanese.
Feathertop:Medium, midseason Japanese. Fluffy, yellow staminodes, rosy petals.
Festiva Maxima: Double white, crimson flecks. Fragrant. Early. Medium.
Gardenia: Fragrant double varying pink to blush. Medium. Midseason.
Glowing Candles: Medium Japanese. Delicate petals, creamy center. Midseason.
Green Halo: White petals rising from green. Unique semidouble. Midseason. Medium.
Kansas: Longlasting watermelon-red double. Early. Medium.
Krinkled White: Globe-shaped red double, free-flowering. Midseason. Medium.
Miss America: Snowy semidouble. Early. Medium. Superior habit.
Mons. Jules Elie: Fragrant pink double. Tall. Early. Holds color well.
Mother's Choice: Short, freeflowering white double. Large blooms. Midseason.
Nick Shaylor: Very late blush double. Medium.
Nippon Beauty: Late, medium Japanese. Rich-red petals, golden centers.
Raspberry Sundae: Double, raspberry/white layers. Midseason. Medium.
Red Charm: Rich bomb. Early. Medium. Standard for red peonies.
Sarah Bernhardt: Red-flecked, pink double. Fragrant. Late. Medium.
Sea Shell: Lilac-pink single. Free flowering. Midseason. Medium.
Show Girl: Showy midseason pink Japanese, creamy center. Medium.
Top Brass: Fragrant, midseason bomb of layered ivory, yellow, and pink. Medium.
Westerner: Pink Japanese. Yellow staminodes. Medium. Midseason.

tree peonies

Anna Marie: Single lavender flowers, raspberry flares, Midseason.
High Noon: Lemon-yellow semidouble. Red flares. Lightly fragrant. Early/midseason.
Jeweled Screen: Pure-white semidouble, fringed petals. Early/midseason.

intersectional hybrid peonies

Bartzella: Double yellow flowers, red flares. Fragrant. Midseason.
Border Charm: Single, yellow blossoms with deep-red flares. Horizontal stems. Twenty inches tall.
Julia Rose: Single/semidouble cherry-red fading to rose. Apricot overtones. Medium. Midseason.
Pastel Splendor: Delicate yellow petals veined with pink. Maroon flares. Midseason.