early herbaceous peonies and early tree peonies

Miss America Mons. Jules Elie America

Miss America's pure-white blossoms complement the bright red petals of America. Old-fashioned Mons. Jules Elie yields mounds of fragrant, pink bombs.

Coral Sunset Coral Charm Cytherea

Coral Sunset and Coral Charm show the amazing variation among coral peonies. Cytherea's rosy flowers and strong stems inspire indoor arrangements.

Dresden Kansas Silver Shell

The delicate pink of the single peony Dresden plays well near the pure-white petals of Silver Shell. The watermelon-pink of Kansas holds well even in bright sun.

Fire Flame Guardian of the Monastery Floral Rivalry

Tree peonies Fire Flame, Floral Rivalry, and Guardian of the Monastery begin blooming when early herbaceous peonies are still flowering.

Kamata Brocade Flight of Cranes Paeonia Rockii

Tree peony Kamata Brocade produces huge purple blooms. Joseph Rock's Tree Peony is as hardy here as in its native Tibet. Flight of Cranes suggests a delicate double rose.

Pink Water Lily Leda High Noon

Pure-pink blossoms of Pink Water Lily glow in semi-shade. The lemon-yellow blooms of tree peony High Noon surprise and delight. Leda's dark central flares reveal Rock's Peony heritage.

Anna Marie Fuji Island Jeweled Screen

Raspberry flares decorate each lavender flower of Anna Marie, and a pink-on-pink Fuji Island blossom measures eight inches. Fringes adorn the pure-white petals of semidouble Jeweled Screen.

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