late-season herbaceous peonies

Barrington Belle Charlie's White Feathertop

Free-flowering Barrington Belle fills its space with deep red and gold blossoms. Feathertop's layered petals stand out boldly in the garden. Perfectly formed Charlie's White makes a popular wedding flower.

Gardenia Jan van Leeuwen Gene Wild

The sweet fragrance of Gardenia makes it another popular wedding flower. Jan van Leeuwen brings distinctive, daisy-like flowers to the late-season garden. Gene Wild produces a perfect, pink double flower.

Honey Gold Mother's Choice Raspberry Sundae

Anemone-form Honey Gold generously layers white and gold petals, while Raspberry Sundae layers pink and cream. Free-flowering, fragrant double blooms identify Mother's Choice, another wedding flower.

White Frost Ruth Cobb Sarah Bernhardt

White Frost also serves as a late-season wedding peony. Ruth Cobb's petals seem edged with silver. Sarah Bernhardt has it all: double pink flowers, fragrance, traditional charm.

Old Faithful Westerner Candy Heart

Like a long-stemmed rose, Old Faithful is a rare late red. Candy Heart recalls peppermint bonbons, and Westerner suggests a large, pink daisy.

Comanche Doris Cooper Fairbanks

White veining enhances the rose coloring of Comanche's petals. Doris Cooper produces huge, light-pink, double blooms. Fairbanks is a fragrant, daisy-like peony.

zus Bran Myra Macrae Nick Shaylor

Carmine and lilac streak the vase-shaped flower of Zus Bran. Nick Shaylor closes the season with huge, white double blooms. Myra Macrae is the ultimate late double peony: huge, pure pink, and lightly fragrant.

Myrtle Gentry Chestine Gowdy Duchesse d'Orleans

Three double peonies show the variation among pinks in the late garden: the blush of Myrtle Gentry, the two-tone layers of Chestine Gowdy, and the deeper pink of old-fashioned Duchesse d'Orleans.

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